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Isn’t One Blog Enough?


I’ve been blogging for about a year (www.peoplebuilder.wordpress.com). The things I write about have changed from week to week but the format has been predictable – always about 350 words, posted on the same day every week, identified as a newsletter for leaders including counselors, coaches and people in ministry. Most weeks I build on some book or article that I have been reading and the blog has both an academic feel and a practical orientation. I write from a┬áChristian perspective although my posts are often not explicitly for Christ-followers. That blog has a small following (it grows slowly), gets a few responses every week and seems to be of interest especially to care-givers, leaders, people in ministry and students. To be honest, I think I write for myself as much as I do for others. It is a way for me to summarize what I am learning. It is not exceptionally popular or influential but it ain’t broke so I don’t fix it – at least for now. I plan to keep going.

But today I start a new blog. The first one is doing fine so why have another? The answer: each blog will have a different purpose. At the start I think that this will be more informal than the newsletter blog, more personal, more diverse in its emphasis, less predictable. I want to keep it practical and loosly about building people. Maybe my reflections will build people, maybe you at times and the people you build. The writing and interaction can help me grow as well. I hope it is interactive, stimulating and something that others want to read and respond to. If it fails I will stop it but I have no expectation that it will fail. On this first day I see this new blog as a two-way door where all of us will learn and be better people-builders.

Are you willing to hang with me for a while on this? What would turn this blog into something great – even outstanding? All input is welcome – even crazy ideas. Sometimes those are the best.